Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day


These are the reason's why we love our daddy:

Lydia:  I love Daddy because he does nice things for me and I love him because he is a great dad.  Daddy is special because he always is nice.  He helps me when I get hurt and he helps me study science and he helps me play the piano.  And I love him.  Love, Lydia.

Kate:  I love Daddy because he teaches me some words and he loves me and he loves glasses and Emma's dad loves to eat clothes.  Ewww.  He teaches me how to go potty and he teaches me how ride cars and he teaches me how to put earrings on.  Daddy is special because he teaches me how to put eyeballs on so we can see and get the white stuff out of our eye because in Anastasia, the evil took his eye out.  What's his name again?

Grant:  I love my Daddy because he holds me up on the air and with his fingers he tickles me until I can't laugh anymore.  I love my Daddy because he throws me up in the air until I'm scared silly but I still laugh to make him feel good.  I love my Daddy because he let me help him fix his old pickup in Grandpa's shop.  My Daddy is special because he is always willing to change my poopy diapers and hold me tightly on the airplane so that I can't move.  I love it when he looks in my ears with the otoscope, I try not to cry but sometimes my eyes leak a little bit.  I love my Daddy and hope to be just like him one day.

Kim:  I love Derrel because he is such an amazing father to our three amazing kids.  He is always willing to do the dirty jobs at home that I don't always have the patience for. He is so selfless and dedicated to our family and our home.  He is such a special man with so many talents.  He is so patient and willing and supportive of my aspirations and helps me to be a better person.  I love Derrel, always have and always will, forever.  Love you. 

Happy Father's Day!