Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something worthy of a post. . . . finally!

Well, it's pretty obvious I haven't blogged in 3 months or so. I guess I didn't think I had much to blog about. But now, I do!!!
About 8 months ago, a good friend asked me to run a half marathon with her. For those of you who know me, I HATE HATE HATE running, with a passion far more than those who actually have a passion for running. That is, I used to. In March, I started to run. I was overweight and it was hard! A week or two into it, I decided that I was going to run a whole mile without stopping (I know, pathetic, right). It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. But that mile changed my life, that and getting new shoes. I decided that I would start training for a half marathon, one that I never verbally committed to, for I am a non-committal kind of person (in unimportant matters). The half marathon came and went. I couldn't run it because I was on a trip to Idaho/Utah. I found another race to train for. 15 miles. To some, it seems impossible. I was one of those back in January. To others, 15 miles is just another long run on Saturday. But to me, it was a milestone that told me that I actually CAN commit and ACHIEVE! It was hard and time consuming, but I did it! I finished! And I actually want to keep running. The race was difficult, the uphills about killed me. Any race with a sign at the bottom of an endless hill that says "Capital Punishment Hill begins" should be seriously considered before running! But I ran my "half-marathon + 2 miles" (and I've lost 32 pounds in the process-extra bonus!!)
So for any of you out there thinking you can't do the unimaginable, unthinkable, impossible. . . . . . . . YOU CAN, because I did!

I can't go ANY further without thanking my personal cheering squad. Derrel has been extremely supportive of my crazy aspirations. He is my rock (well one of them=). And I couldn't have done it without Lydia and Kate, for showering me with flowers 11 miles into the race. And Grant learned how to clap at the race. I've been trying to get him to clap for MONTHS. Never would until the day I ran the race.

Here's Grant learning how to clap from seeing people clap for HOURS on end!
Notice Lydia was ready with her shower of flowers for me. What a great support group I have!! Love it!
OK, so my running form is kinda weird and I look a bit silly, but hey-I just ran 15 miles!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day


These are the reason's why we love our daddy:

Lydia:  I love Daddy because he does nice things for me and I love him because he is a great dad.  Daddy is special because he always is nice.  He helps me when I get hurt and he helps me study science and he helps me play the piano.  And I love him.  Love, Lydia.

Kate:  I love Daddy because he teaches me some words and he loves me and he loves glasses and Emma's dad loves to eat clothes.  Ewww.  He teaches me how to go potty and he teaches me how ride cars and he teaches me how to put earrings on.  Daddy is special because he teaches me how to put eyeballs on so we can see and get the white stuff out of our eye because in Anastasia, the evil took his eye out.  What's his name again?

Grant:  I love my Daddy because he holds me up on the air and with his fingers he tickles me until I can't laugh anymore.  I love my Daddy because he throws me up in the air until I'm scared silly but I still laugh to make him feel good.  I love my Daddy because he let me help him fix his old pickup in Grandpa's shop.  My Daddy is special because he is always willing to change my poopy diapers and hold me tightly on the airplane so that I can't move.  I love it when he looks in my ears with the otoscope, I try not to cry but sometimes my eyes leak a little bit.  I love my Daddy and hope to be just like him one day.

Kim:  I love Derrel because he is such an amazing father to our three amazing kids.  He is always willing to do the dirty jobs at home that I don't always have the patience for. He is so selfless and dedicated to our family and our home.  He is such a special man with so many talents.  He is so patient and willing and supportive of my aspirations and helps me to be a better person.  I love Derrel, always have and always will, forever.  Love you. 

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lydia's Obsessions

Spring is here. . . with 94 degree weather and all. The 89 degree temperature outside is so much more bearable than inside our house. Lydia had her first spring concert. It was at the Metropolitan Theater downtown. She sang her little heart out and did a marvelous job. She really is becoming a little DIVA! Sometimes we have to bribe her to stop singing (is that bad?). We really do love it.
Lydia is usually very particular about the lighting in her room at night. We usually have the closet light on or a night light plugged into the wall. Her fixation lately is to put a makeshift eye mask on and to have all forms of night lights off. I don't know what it's all about but that's what she wants.

Lydia tells us over and over and over that she doesn't want to sleep with Kate. She even asked if Daddy could take out his saw and cut their bed in half!! We thought it was just a stage that she was going through. You can definitely see why she feels this way from these pictures.
Somehow they went from this:

To this:
I wouldn't want to sleep with someone who was always putting their leg over my neck. I don't know how Lydia survives=).
Lydia's last OBSESSION was having some kind of sale. She wanted to sell flowers- and not only flowers, but DANDELIONS! She would come home from school everyday for a week and BEG to have a flower sale. At first I just brushed it off. But she was determined. So I let her cut some of the daffodils off and she sold them.

We tied ribbons around the bunches and sold them in front of our house, on our lawn. She would wave to all the cars that passed by and point frantically to the flowers for sale, only to be disappointed. I almost called some of my friends to drive by and buy some.

But neighbors started coming by. One asked, "so how much are ya sellin' em for?" She responded, "fifteen cents!" He said, "fifty cents? Oh well I'll take two." He gave her a dollar!
You can't imagine how happy that made her. One neighbor across the street came out and gave her a ten dollar bill and said he was going to give the flowers to his girlfriend. She ended up making $18.35! We were flabbergasted! What a determined little girl.

She even got to pay her tithing!!! Way to go, Lydia.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break, Birthdays, Family and Fish

Grandma Easter  Aquarium Driving Annie Playing Games Lawson Laughing Sharks Candy Miranda Perudo Sea Turtles & Penguins Ice Cream Cake Steak & Salad Kids Crying Movies Easter Egg Hunt GPS Rocky Statue Mallory Independence Hall Flat Stanley Easter Bunny Kim Singing Buckwheat Pancakes & Pepperoni Rolls Lydia Kids Laughing Fun Derrel Soft Pretzels & Smoothies Progressive Rummy Brandon Apple Annie's Mandy Tour Guides Happy 30th Birthday Derrel Starting Perudo with 2 dice (instead of 5) Yummy Food Grant Jokes Dr. Horrible Liberty Bell Crazy Park Ranger with a "system" Spring flowers Target Kate Rain Nathan's Famous Spills & Messes Captain Hammer Amy Spring Break One Bathroom: 12 people Airport Delays Mexican Food "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bathroom, toilets and crawling

Well, with our tax return, we have decided to remodel the main bathroom in our house. It was REALLY outdated with an avacado green fiberglass bathtub and sink (if you want to see the tub, look at the picture of Grant in the tub below). The vinyl floor was speckled with gold. It was a sight to see! We have totally gutted it (these pictures don't show the sheetrock and floor boards ripped out). It's very exciting and we have a LOT of plans for it. I'll post after pictures when it's finished.

The next great news is that Kate is officially potty trained. It took 3 days and a 1 1/2 accidents (no poop accidents). If I had known it would be so quick and easy, I would have done it months ago. She is so excited to finally be able to go on the big girl potty. Yeah!! No more of these saggy DIAPERS for Kate!

Thirdly, our little boy is giGRANTic!! He is crawling and has been crawling for a few weeks now. This kid is HUGE! His hands are garGRANTuan. I LOVE it. He loves his big sisters. They make him laugh all of the time. He's adorable and has such a special place in our home. Here's a few pictures and videos of Grant. Just so you know, too, Grant just got his FIRST TOOTH. YEAH, what a fun age he's at!!!! Here's a few pictures and videos. Enjoy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kids, kids and more kids

Here's a post with lots of pictures and videos.  These kids are growing like weeds!  No one told me they were going to do that!  Grant had totally recovered and not once did his weight go down while he was sick.  He just keeps eating and eating and eating.  He is so happy and is almost crawling.  Kate is happy to be the oldest sibling at home while Lydia is away in Kindergarten.  She's a big help and is SLOWLY learning how to potty train (very very SLOWLY).  Lydia loves school and is learning so much.  She comes home with new knowledge every day.  We love listening to what she learns from her teachers and her classmates.  It's pretty colorful sometimes=) Hope you enjoy the pictures.