Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lydia's Obsessions

Spring is here. . . with 94 degree weather and all. The 89 degree temperature outside is so much more bearable than inside our house. Lydia had her first spring concert. It was at the Metropolitan Theater downtown. She sang her little heart out and did a marvelous job. She really is becoming a little DIVA! Sometimes we have to bribe her to stop singing (is that bad?). We really do love it.
Lydia is usually very particular about the lighting in her room at night. We usually have the closet light on or a night light plugged into the wall. Her fixation lately is to put a makeshift eye mask on and to have all forms of night lights off. I don't know what it's all about but that's what she wants.

Lydia tells us over and over and over that she doesn't want to sleep with Kate. She even asked if Daddy could take out his saw and cut their bed in half!! We thought it was just a stage that she was going through. You can definitely see why she feels this way from these pictures.
Somehow they went from this:

To this:
I wouldn't want to sleep with someone who was always putting their leg over my neck. I don't know how Lydia survives=).
Lydia's last OBSESSION was having some kind of sale. She wanted to sell flowers- and not only flowers, but DANDELIONS! She would come home from school everyday for a week and BEG to have a flower sale. At first I just brushed it off. But she was determined. So I let her cut some of the daffodils off and she sold them.

We tied ribbons around the bunches and sold them in front of our house, on our lawn. She would wave to all the cars that passed by and point frantically to the flowers for sale, only to be disappointed. I almost called some of my friends to drive by and buy some.

But neighbors started coming by. One asked, "so how much are ya sellin' em for?" She responded, "fifteen cents!" He said, "fifty cents? Oh well I'll take two." He gave her a dollar!
You can't imagine how happy that made her. One neighbor across the street came out and gave her a ten dollar bill and said he was going to give the flowers to his girlfriend. She ended up making $18.35! We were flabbergasted! What a determined little girl.

She even got to pay her tithing!!! Way to go, Lydia.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break, Birthdays, Family and Fish

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