Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lydia's creative outlet

It's actually pretty entertaining to give a camera to your 4 year old and see what she deems worthy of a photograph. As you can see, she absolutely LOVES her little sister, Kate, and her mom, of course. Her bike apparently comes in a close third.
Lydia also finds joy in many forms of art, some of which are edible, some of which are NOT!


kira said...

Holy cow...those are some sweet artistic creations. I love the picture of lydia's feet. Did you see chelsea's blog about how hard it is to take pictures of feet? we miss you!

Misty said...

You..... you AND the kids just get cuter each time I see pictures.

Abby said...

If you saw my toddler pics blog you saw the one and only "signature piece" my Cubby captures...these were genius!