Monday, November 19, 2007

The name says it all!

So, for any of you ladies (or gentlemen for that matter) that LOVE Pampered Chef as much as I do, I am now announcing that I have joined to become a consultant. Rest assured, I will not hound you, hunt you down, make you feel guilty into buying ANYTHING! But if you need something, I am here. If you want to host a party, I'm here too, occasionally (wink, wink). I am going to make a separate blog for Pampered Chef but more for recipes and such. I signed up to do this as a hobby (and for insurance, I have to admit). If any of you know me well enough, I love to cook (except when I'm pregnant, of course) so this will be just a little way for me to get out, meet new people, cook and eat!!! ;) So, come one, come all and join me on my new blog for good looks, good cooks and a whole lot of cheesy fun:

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kira said...

wow. I think you'll make a great host. If I decide to buy anything pampered chef - I'll come through you! I'm excited to see all the good recipes. Can you do some not too fancy ones for me? You know the kind with out any "weird" ingredients. :)