Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our first family reunion: Lydia & Kate adore their new brother!

I know I may be a little bias, but I have the most beautiful wife & kids

Lydia & Kate Sing to Grant:

Kate Holds Grant:
She was a little distracted by a yummy cup of Hospital Ice!

Lydia holds Grant:
As always, she makes sure everyone is OK with the new addition & that everyone loves everyone!

Lydia tells what she likes about Grant:
Kate is excited too (in the background)!


Josh, Teri, and Tyler said...

Congratulations! We are very excited for you - boys are wonderful!!

marylandwalkers said...

YEAH! I can't believe it. He is soo adorable. Looks like his hair is curly. We're so happy everything went smoothly. Can't wait to meet him. I love the name Grant. Love it!

McArthur Family said...

Kim, I'm so proud of you! Good Job! Your girls were a delight. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to delight in the cute things they say and do while you were in the hospital. It made me want to have some girls in my little family.

Lots of love,


The Herbert Family said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful and the girls look so excited to have a new baby brother

The Ulibarri's said...

Oh congrats to you!! How cute is that Darrell post that he thinks you are the most beautiful wife ever. I must agree!! He is so cute. I loved when Lydia was asking all of you if you liked him. She said he was perfect and I am sure he is. CONGRATS to you. I want to come see you soon.

The Ulibarri's said...

I meant that you little man child Grant is so cute!! It sounded kind of wrong so I wanted to make you sure you knew what I meant. Sorry!

kira said...

ha! Lydia is a crack up - do you like him? haha! How fun to see the girls in their matching dresses.

Jackson Family said...

He is SO cute!! I wish I could see him in person. It's a good thing I have my own little boy or I'd be going crazy to hold him. Someday our little guys will meet each other. I can't believe how much hair he has. He does look a lot like Derrel. Man, having little boys is the best! Good work Kim. Keep the pictures coming!

Natalie N said...

Precious, precious videos! Those are darling. I love that the girls came to the hospital in their princess gowns to welcome the prince. CONGRATS from us!

Julia Kelly said...

what a beautiful little baby boy! congrats!! And your girls are just adorable. Hope your feeling well and adjusting to a family of 5!