Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been meaning to put a post up about Kate. She is now three and well into the three stage of life, if anyone knows what I mean=). She cries about everything but doesn't even realize it. Poor girl is just having a hard time. She is still cute as ever. Grandma and Grandpa Walker came to visit in the beginning of October and about 3 hours after they left, I gave Grant a haircut. I accidentally left the clippers and scissors out and went downstairs for a brief few minutes to do laundry. I came back and noticed a few clumps of hair all over the living room floor and realized she had CHOPPED her hair on the sides in the front. Luckily she only got up to her chin and no short bang action. I put the rest of her hair in a pony tail (it was really getting long-half way down her back when it was wet) and chopped her beautiful curly ponytail off. I was a little mad at first but the second I looked in her eyes, she started balling. I couldn't be mad, she was so sad for what she had done to her hair. The minute I finished cutting her ponytail off, she begged me to watch Rapunzel. Poor girl. I think the old sweet loving Kate was cut off with her long curly locks=). She can still be sweet but she's got A LOT of SPUNK!! And a new haircut to go with it! Check it out:



(look at how HORRIFIED she is)



Annie H. said...

You did a good job fixing her hair. It's darling. It makes her look like 3 years old. Just kidding. It really does make her look older...but I think its really cute! She's getting so grown up. We really need to see you guys soon. I need to meet Kate and Grant. How did his hair cut turn out?

Jami Jackson said...

I've been waiting for this post! Her new hair looks so adorable on her. She looks so much older. Oh how I wish I could just give her a squeeze. I miss your kids so much. Eliza had a birthday party and she asked me if Lydia could come. I almost sent her an invitation but didn't want Lydia to feel like she had to come. We just really miss you guys a ton.

Oh, and that song is really making me Morgantown sick again.

literaqueen said...

I think Kate's new haircut matches her personality. She's spunky, and now her hair is, too.

Petunia said...

Oh man Kimmy. I agree, you did a great job shaping it up but it must've been so hard to sweep up all that beautiful hair! She's a doll.

kira said...

Isn't it the worst when they feel bad all by themselves? Then I have to try and not get upset. I wonder if Lanette will ever do this...currently Aaron has brainwashed her into thinking that girls don't cut their hair (ever)!

Kate's new do looks pretty cute though!

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