Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Fun

Lydia was dying to have corn on the cob last night for dinner. She practically begged me if she could help shuck (sp?) it. So we were shucking away and suddenly she said, "Mom, I LOVE shuckin' carn," with the funniest West Virginia accent I've ever heard! West Virginia is rubbing off on her, I guess. It was so hilarious. After that, and after me busting out laughing, she said, "Oh, I guess I forgot how to say corn." It was really funny. She was so proud of her shucked corn.
I love Lydia and I LOVE springtime when we can be outside instead of inside! Here's a picture of the leaves on one of the trees in our backyard and some of our flowers. I've never been so happy to see a green leaf in my life=). YEAH for spring. I'm so excited! Do you like my dandelions in the garden? It gives it a more wild touch.

The girls come up with so many ideas to make the hills on our yard advantageous to their play. Here is the latest:


Tara, Doug, and Isaac said...

Kate's working hard to make that roll work for her:). And I am SO with you about our beautiful Spring. I've never loved Spring more. And my sister points out that, because it's still freezing in Utah, I'll get Spring again in Utah, and then probably again in Idaho Falls, which is even colder than Utah! My cup runneth over in anticipation:).

Knudson Family said...

Kid's accents are so cute...Sam and Brook have a little texas one. I too found it funny how Kate is trying to roll across the hill instead of down it! Ha, ha! It has been a lovely spring her in SA too!

Jami Jackson said...

I love how Kate is rolling sideways! Oh, the joys of being a kid - how would it be if we could put swimming suits on as adults and roll down a grassy hill - Hmmmm, probably not a pretty sight!

Amy Tuck said...

Ahhh the memories! Rolling down hills. Though, I don't think I ever did it in a bathing suit. Tell Lydia-I want some carn too!

Annie H. said...

So cute how Kate is trying to do exactly what her sister is doing. It actually looks scary watching...but I do remember how fun it was as a kid!

Just wait...if you visit us down here in will laugh at my accent I'm sure!

Love ya!

Amron said...

those pictures are so cute!
I did get a job and boy is it a crazy one. I got married so I can get away from kids right? well my new job I found I work at is a child care. Boy is that a crazy job. I don't know why I decieded to accept it. I am working with the 2yr olds and man are they bad! I work part time, but even that is enough to kill you! How ya doing down in Motown? I miss it! Its so boring down here! not much to do or excitement at all! miss you! have a good week!