Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our trip to the beach

Cape May, New Jersey
COLD water Lots of sand
Giggles Screams Crabs
Lots of seashells Family Cousins
Rain Sun Wind Clouds, clouds and more clouds
BBQ Tacos Cold Cereal
Talking Laziness Naps
Snoring UNO Laughter
Ferry Sea sickness (Derrel)
Brownies Ice Cream
Chick Flicks Kids movies


daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

You always go on such fun adventures! We need to get together soon!

April said...

Wow!! That looks like such a dreamy family vacation. I love those times. They build such great memories.

I can't believe that you only have 35 days left. That is so exciting!!

kira said...

love the pics - you always did have a cute prego belly!

Jami Jackson said...

Wow! It looks like you guys had tons of fun!! I love all the pictures on the beach. Your girls are just the cutest!

Natalie N said...

Wow! These pictures were DARLING!! Thanks so much for sharing. I loved the sunset pictures, the daddy/daughter one, and so so so many more. You really caught some great shots.

We are thinking of doing a family reunion out on the east coast next year, and this looks like WAY too much fun! I may have to recommend this place to my in-laws.

And you look darling! I love your little tummy. I can't believe you've got what, a month left?! WOW!!

m&agodfrey said...

I love Lydia's comment about not loving the baby if his name isn't Grant!! We are excited for little Grant to come. You guys are so great. We are so lucky to have you guys as friends. Your trip looks so fun!!! I love the slide show and your blog is adorable...I think I need some major blog lessons from you :)You best be callin if you need anything.

sarahandmatt said...

darling pictures. Looks like fun! Sure gonna miss you.

Scott Zwick said...

Quote from Scotty himself: "Derrel and Kim I love you, good luck having a new baby in your life. Derrel you're a beautiful man and I miss you. I miss Kate and Lydia and want to give them a great big hug and kiss. Sweet Kim I love you. Thanks for leaving me a message on my blog. . .With love, Crazy Muscles."

Abby said...

Looks so fun--and you look adorable, despite how I know you might feel at this point. Rest assured, you are a cute pregnant! (And you are so close!)

Megan said...

KIMMY! I'm off to Africa on Wednesday and wanted to send some love your way. Good luck with the new baby and make sure he knows about his Aunt Megan in Africa :-)


The Duryeas said...

looks like so much fun! your baby is coming! how exciting. good luck with everything!