Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've been tagged

My friends Shilo and Mary tagged me so I will do both on one post. I'll keep it SMALL! Here it goes:

Shilo's Tag

8 TV Shows I Love:

  1. I used to sometimes watch the show on TLC during the afternoon that tells about people's houses being haunted by spirits until I kept hearing noises in my own house. I don't watch it anymore=)
  2. King of Queens
  3. American Idol
  4. College Football (especially WVU and UT, and I ESPECIALLY like to see BYU LOSE) Kira, don't let Aaron read this post=)
  5. Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe
  6. Everybody Loves Raymond
  7. Um, there is this new show on Discovery Channel called Time Warp. It's COOL! They video record cool things like someone being punched and then show it in REALLY slow motion.
  8. I really don't watch much TV, really.

8 Restaurants I Feast At:

  1. Chili's (went there for my birthday)
  2. Cheddars (LOVE the Monte Cristo)
  3. Cheesecake Factory (but they don't have one very close)
  4. Cracker Barrel (I really like restaurants that start with a C)
  5. But I HATE Chick-Fil-A (sorry Jon, I don't like BYU and I DON'T like Chick-fil-a)
  6. We LOVE Goodwood but it's not here=(
  7. Cafe Rio (keeping with the "C" theme)
  8. Panera

8 Things that Happened Today:

  1. It's still pretty early
  2. Ate birthday cheesecake for breakfast
  3. Used my new egg hard boiler I bought myself (I LOVE hard boiled eggs and toast for breakfast)
  4. I am in the process of updating my blog
  5. Derrel took our old avacado fridge to the dump
  6. Fed my kiddies
  7. It's rainy and cold (I think I'll drink some hot chocolate to go with my cheesecake)
  8. I'm still celebrating my birthday. . . . . I mean birth-week=)

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

  1. Reading Twilight (I got the first two books for my birthday)
  2. Putting a post about Kate's haircut she gave herself and I had to take her to fix
  3. Taking a temple trip soon=)
  4. A nap
  5. Tinkerbell coming out on DVD
  6. Well, I'm looking forward to USING my new dining room table I got for my birthday, YEAH!!!!
  7. The November Ensign - rereading the conference talks- Shilo you hit the nail right on the head with that one
  8. Thanksgiving- Sister Amy and fam are coming into town

8 Things on my Wishlist:

  1. To weigh 40 lbs less
  2. Stop nursing, not that I don't enjoy it sometimes
  3. New carpet
  4. Redo my bathrooms
  5. Redo my kitchen cabinets
  6. Not to have a bunny anymore (does anyone want a sweet smelly cute bunny?)
  7. To eat anything I want and be really healthy (I didn't say skinny)
  8. My front porch to be redone (along with a lot of other stuff)
Mary's Tag

Four things I love about my husband
1. He is so easy to get along with, I LOVE it!
2. Derrel is SO selfless
3. He LOVES his icecream
4. He is such a hard worker (just like his Dad)
5. (just because I want to put one more) He's a SPECIMEN. That word says it all;)

4 movies you would watch more than once
1. Pride and Prejudice the old 8 hour one
2. Dan in Real Life
3. Napoleon Dynamite
4. Jungle Book

4 places I have been
1. Texas (it's a whole other country=)
2. Mexico
3. Russia

4. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

4 places I 'd like to go
1. I agree with Mary, I'd LOVE to go to Hawaii
2. Tahiti
3. Maine
4. Canadian Rockies

4 people who e-mail me regularly
1. Jen West
2. Emergency Essentials
3. Bath and Body Works
4. Deseret Book

4 things I look forward to in the next year
Winter being over (it hasn't even started yet)
2. Visiting family

3. Watching my kids grow and learn
4. Change

I'm also attaching the fourth picture from my fourth folder in my fourth folder:

left to right: Kate, cousin Esther, cousin McKayla
Doesn't Kate look like Grant?


literaqueen said...

You have a special tool just for hard boiling eggs? Can't you just put them in a pan of water? Is this another Pampered Chef thing . . .?

Jami Jackson said...

That was so fun to read. I hope you had a great birthday week. I wish I could have celebrated with you.

So it's funny you mentioned Chick-fil-A because we were just up in Sandy today and drove by a free standing Chick-fil-A and had to do a u-turn. We were hoping it would feel like being in Morgantown again but it just wasn't the same. Oh, and as we were driving home we listened to the BYU game. You must really hate us right now. Haha!!

Miss you guys like totally 110% and more . . .

kira said...

ha! That was great. Sounds like you had a pretty great birthday. Oh, and THANK YOU for not tagging me...I'm over my head right now!

The Duryeas said...

I had no idea you were such a hater of your alma mater. When did this happen? And, ENJOY the Twilight series! I loved them and even got Brian to read them. Movie is coming soon, read fast:)

marylandwalkers said...

Seeing this picture made me realize I am not sure I have any pictures of mckayla with casts on. Can you email me any more?