Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goin' with the flow

Well, Grant was doing better yesterday and through the night. He's still in the PICU. The doctor came to check up on him and looked at his x-rays and said he was getting a little bit worse, again. Just a bit. So they will put more fluid (TPA) into his chest tube to see if he can drain anymore out of his lung. They were looking at him coming home on Saturday but now it's put back to at least Monday. All in all, he's doing OK, we're going with the flow, we are WELL taken care of between meals and care for the girls! Thanks to all! We love you all and will update you when there's more to tell. Here's a few more pictures of him in the hospital. Happy Holidays!

Grant's stats are on the right of the screen
Trying to be happy
So serious
Chest fluid, it may look yucky but the more the better:)
All tuckered out


tara said...

Kim, I'm so sorry to hear that he is so sick. You seem to be handling everything so well. I hope he gets better soon and you can all go home. You are in our prayers.


McArthur Family said...

Ahhhh, poor little big Grant. I've been thinking about you and pray you'll get getter soon.

Mike and Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry for your little Grant. I'm sure this is one of those times as a parent that you'd give anything to take his place. We'll be praying for you!

Amy Tuck said...

Wish we could be closer to help out. We will cross our fingers and pray he gets out as soon as possible! HANG IN THERE, GRANT (and family)!!!

Julia Kelly said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Grant! I know how fun hospitals can be. (not fun at all) Will you guys still be able to leave for Christmas? I'll call you tomorrow to see what I can do to help. Thinking of you and little Grant.


Annie H. said...

You guys are definitely in our thoughts right now. I know it can't be fun to be at the hospital that long. That is a lot of fluid to come out of such a little guy. Please keep us all posted. I'll call you again soon, Love, Annie

Matt, Amy, and Grant said...

We are glad you are hangin in there. He is so cute and it just breaks my heart to see him like that. What a good little boy you have. I'm glad you are being well taken care of and I'm so sorry to hear it got pushed back to Monday. You all are in our prayers.

literaqueen said...

Ditto what everyone else said-- but Monday's still good. Getting home before Christmas is good!

Waldron Family said...

You are a great example of how to be when faced with such adversity as your baby sick in the hospital. I am impressed. I am thankful to hear today that Grant will be coming home before Christmas. We have had you in our prayers. Much love, the Waldron's