Sunday, December 21, 2008

Livin' la viva hospital

We've learned a lot while staying in the hospital:

1. No privacy (in the PICU, there is a bathroom with a 1/4 inch gap in between the wall and the door and the wall with the door is actually just one big window). Sometimes, I would actually go out of the PICU to the public restroom to get a little more privacy.
2. No sleep (for some reason, the nurses take a rectal temp at midnight, take a blood sample out of his foot at 3 am and a chest x-ray at 4:30 am. And when he wakes up for these, they talk really loudly and think it's time to play with the baby-NOT THE CASE. So, he's up squealing between the temp taking and foot sticking!
3. It took a week to figure out that there was a volume on the alarm that beeped almost every time he moved (from the machine taking his vitals). I finally got consecutive hours of sleep with no beeping!
4. There is an office called Center for Quality Outcomes with a sign right next to it for the Smoking Booth.
5. Santa makes many appearances at the hospital!!!! The girls LOVED seeing Santa. Grant and the girls have been recipients of many many gifts, toys, books, crayons, stuffed animals, etc from many groups and people who are so kind to come in and visit the children at the hospital.
6. Cafeteria food is HIGHLY overrated. There is a salad bar that is somewhat healthy. No wonder people have to go to the hospital. It's the junk they eat.
7. It's really sad to watch a pregnant woman smoke, or see someone standing in their gown in front of the hospital that is dragging their IV fluids behind with one hand and holding a cigarette in the other.
8. I guess some people don't know the meaning of NO SMOKING BEYOND THIS POINT when they light up right outside of the hospital doors. Kinda frustrating.

Well, Grant continues to get stronger every day. He was transferred out of intensive care into the regular pediatric wing of the hospital today. That is great news for all of us. The doctors were able to take out his chest tube on Saturday and he continues to roll around and LOVES the new freedom of no stickers and tubes and wires attached to him. He is happier and we are happier especially with no gaps in the bathroom door! The doctors say we should hopefully be home before Christmas. We have no dates yet but maybe Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Here's hoping. At least we know we'll most definitely all be home for Christmas! What a blessing.


Lynn, Sarah and Ayslin said...

I am so glad that you guys will be home for Christmas. Looking at all the pics of Grant in the hospital hooked up to monitors and tubes brings back stressful memories of Ayslin in the hospital. Even when Ayslin was on oxygen when she came home it was so relaxing. That is why I am so glad that you will be home for Christmas. We're praying for your little guy, God bless.

Matt, Amy, and Grant said...

Yah for the good news!! We have been praying for you and are so excited for the move from the PICU!! Thanks for the update we've been wondering.

Jami Jackson said...

He sure was connected to a lot of wires. I'm so glad he's getting better and hill hopefully be home for Chirstmas. We love you guys and are so glad you can use a normal bathroom now - so funny!

The Oylers said...

Many times Hannah and I laughed at the large congregation of people that stood outside of the hospital smoking. It was just so ironic, and I just have never seen it like it was at Ruby. I'm glad Grant will be home for Christmas.