Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kate is 2!

So Kate had a birthday, her second to be exact. She LOVED her cake! It was perfect. We made a huge chocolate chip cookie (she LOVES chocolate chip cookies). She had two friends over for her birthday. It was great. Notice how she blows her candles out. She blows through the gap in her front teeth. What a doll.


Jackson Family said...

That is so cute Kim! I'm glad I could be there to share Kate's birthday! She's a doll!

kira said...

oh man. I miss you guys! Thanks for putting up the video. I love seeing Kate in action. It is still hard to believe she is Lanette's age. Crazy!!

Amy Tuck said...

I need to know how to post a video! That was so cool! And thanks for putting me #1 one on your blog. I feel so special! Love you guys!!