Tuesday, October 2, 2007

School Picture dilemma

OK, so these school pictures were SUPPOSED to be SOOO cute! But Lydia's not even in the middle of the picture. OK, what kind of fool takes that kind of a picture. I mean, come on people. And I really don't even feel that bad putting it on my blog for a little while because they are so bad. So this is what Lydia's picture was supposed to look like:

Now here's the finished product.

I did PAY for these pictures, ya know! Wow. What a winner. . . . .

No, but what's really funny is that on the envelope the pictures came back in, the big advertisement was "Reordering is easy, order more pictures today!"
I don't think so.


kira said...

I say chuck the expensive pics and print a bunch of the one you took. Way cuter. Seems like the lighting is messed up on the "professional" one. BTW, the one you took is absolutely to die for!!!

Nettie said...

This was the first year I didn't buy school pictures. I really wish I had had the wisdom to quit years ago. Think what I could have done with all that wasted money!

It would take a real screw up to mess up a picture of Lydia. She is just too cute!

tara said...

hannah's money wasn't found until after her picture was taken, so we didn't get any. we'll see how it turned out in the year book photo... I posted about it on my blog yesterday.